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A Donation of Essential Oils from Tao Essential Oils

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The latest, and absolute best in our opinion, company to hit the alternative health and essential oils scene is Tao Essential Oils. We are so incredibly impressed with this company’s helpfulness and willingness to reach out and support our cause for autism treatment and research for a cure.

They found us first, and contacted us primarily to pledge a continuous ongoing donation to our organization, which was an incredible and delightful surprise. When we setup a time to meet with them in person, they arrived with open arms, and full bags of essential oils samples so that we can provide them to families that would like to try them.

Many have found that essential oils are very helpful in the support of wellness for people struggling with autism. In particular these oils have been helpful for both ADHD and Autism:

  • Lavender: With sedative properties, helps relax the mind and improve emotions.
  • Lime: Helps sooth the central nervous system while improving overall mood.
  • Ylang Ylang: Similar to Lavender, calms mood with sedative characteristics.
  • Patchouli: Calms the mind and body, while delivering positive emotion.

In addition, Tao Essential Oils are used for so many other conditions and supporting overall wellness in the body, mind, and spirit. There are essential oils for eczema, essential oils for psoriasis, acne, and other skin disorders, as well as oils to support depression, mind and mental disorders, and just about any physical or health ailment you can think of.


Baseball For Autism

Baseball, the favorite pastime, not just in America, but in our group home as well. The kids just light up with the chance to play some baseball in the backyard. Now, of course we are using a wiffle-ball set, but don’t tell them its not baseball!

They thoroughly enjoy an opportunity to swing the bat and hit the ball as far as they can, and are all giggles when it comes to running the bases (whether the are moving to the right base or not is besides the point). We have an absolute blast with these kids playing baseball despite their autism.

Baseball can be quite therapeudic for this group of children. It enables them to get fresh air, get some energy out and have fun in community playing a game. And while they might not always understand or apply all of the rules, just the fact that we are involving them in a sport is beyond thrilling to them, and actually helps quite a bit in the “behavior” department, if you know what I mean.

We also appreciate how Major League Baseball gets involved in the fight for the cure, and for better treatment and care options for those dealing with autism, including the families. Check out some of how MLB is helping here:

We also personally appreciate the support we receive from – a generous organization that gives back to the community and those in need. They specialize in baseball field equipment, batting cages, pitching machines, and much more.

Oh, and keep in mind that not only do kids with autism enjoy baseball for the most part, but they also enjoy getting out to the ballpark, so be sure to support your local minor and major league baseball teams, as well as your high schools and little leagues.

Here’s an inspiring story of the start of an autism baseball league… Enjoy!

Learning WordPress: The Best Tutorial Online

(This article is brought to you by 1 Power 4 Autism’s July 2014 Corporate Sponsor – – please support and thank them for their generous contributions in giving back and helping to raise awareness and funds for the fight against autism and the search for better treatments and a cure)

Ever imagined you’d be building your own websites?

It’s no longer something for programmers, coders and graphic designers. Anyone can create their own website now.

In fact, there are tutorials available online that make it as simple as following a step by step process to get WordPress installed and looking beautiful in no time.

The first wordpress tutorial to check out would be How to Install WordPress. You can get access to their entire encyclopedia and training videos for a suggested gift of just $97.

The installation tutorial is as easy as setting up a new hosting account and using the built in control panel provided by the host to initiate an automatic installation – no technical skills involved whatsoever!

Once you get WordPress installed, then you can check out some of the other tutorials on installing themes, plugins and customizing WordPress to your liking so that it looks exactly how you want it to look.

The only thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that you’ll need your own website design “assets” to really make things look good – things like logo, high resolution images, videos, color pallette and more. These things are not tough to come by at all. Using a combination of the resources available on WP Academy, outsourcers on fiverr or and all sorts of great free graphics libraries online, you’ll be in good shape for a world class design website in no time at all.

There are plenty of beautiful themes that you can get for free via the WordPress theme catalog, or you can find many beautiful premium themes available from Theme Forest, Woo Themes, Elegant Themes, and many more. Applying one of these themes is as simple as downloading and then uploading via your WordPress Dashboard.

So, what are you waiting for? Put all the fears and limitations you once thought you had to the side, and get to work as your very own website designer. Launch your website today – its not near as difficult as you’ve made it out to be in your head.

Let us know what you think about the wordpress tutorials that you dive into on WordPress Academy.

April Sponser of the Month: Small Business Highlight

This month’s sponsor of the month goes to Asheville Web Design Company. They have 2 sites you can check out for more information about how they can help you grow your business:

Charlotte SEO Results
Asheville web design company

They not only help contribute to a cure and better treatment for autism, but they spend time and resources supporting a local group home in the Asheville area. This is a great organization that we can’t say enough about. They really do care about this disorder and love the people and families that are effected.

They are a tremendously talented group of people, too. They not only handle web design needs for businesses, but they specialize in internet marketing and growing businesses online with lead generation, traffic, SEO, paid ad management, sales funnel design, and much more.

If you are a small business looking to grow, and could use more visitors to your website, more leads in your funnel and more customers buying from you, give this incredible team a call. And remember that by working with them, you too are giving back to the search for the cure, and we thank you for that.

Way to go April sponsor of the month – Asheville Web Design Company!

asheville web Design

ATV Rides for Autism

This week we’re excited to highlight an amazing small business in Alberta, Canada.

Canada is known for its natural beauty, mountainous terrains and incredible trails for all sorts of outdoor activities, including ATV spots. (all terrain vehicles)

Mudd Safety is an organization dedicated to providing ATV Safety training for kids, families and neighborhoods. They organize local events all around Canada, where they setup the gear, ATVs, and everything needed to put on a full day’s worth of fun, training, and awareness around topics like ATV helmet safety, kids and ATVs, and more.

When we found out about the great things this organization is doing to help with autism, we were blown away. They not only give back to charities in search of the cure and better treatments and care, but they give rides to kids with autism, so they can participate and have a good time with everyone else at their events.

It is beautiful to see a child struggling with autism, holding onto the back of an ATV, riding and having the time of their life with nothing but huge smiles and laughter.

Check out Mudd Safety and more about their ATV safety training events at

Radon, Dirty Water, Mold, and more

A clean, healthy environment for raising your family is a key element to aiding in the care and prevention of any sort of disorder including autism. There have been many scientific studies that show detrimental effects on fetuses, babies, children, and even adolescents and adults when exposed to things like black mold, too many metals or harmful chemicals in water, radon in the home and much more.

There is one thing you could do that will go a long way in preventing these types of issues for your family. I highly recommend it before moving into a home, and certainly before making a decision to have children. This one thing is home inspection.

Home inspection services are not expensive, and they are well worth the nominal fee to ensure that you are 100% aware of anything that’s going on in the home, so you can develop a plan to fix them.

I recommend searching your area for a reliable home inspector, like the team I used in the Asheville, NC area (video link below):

Visual Learning Taken to the Next Level

One of the projects we’re excited to announce is the addition of a whiteboard wall room in a group home in Western North Carolina. We’re super psyched that this is not only coming to fruition, but that the kids and teens with autism in the group home are thoroughly enjoying the experience.

What a whiteboard painted room does, is enable the kids to draw, doodle, and learn through visual creation, which is extremely helpful for expression for those with autism.

Autism causes learning disabilities, but even with those challenges, visual stimulation and learning environments can open up a lot of tremendous possibilities. The other great thing about a whiteboard paint wall is that you can go BIG! The bigger the better for these kids. If you can draw big, and doodle big and create and express in a big way, it can be very therapeutic and calming.

So we believe this experiment is a huge success and are excited to see more schools, group homes and other environments where kids with autism are, adopt this practice.

Post sponsored by leading whiteboard paint brand: ReMARKable Coating (for more on our sponser, watch the video here:

Sponsor of the Month – Junk Haulers Give Back

Every month, we highlight one of the major doners that are giving back to a cure for Autism through their business. Philadelphia junk removal guys, One Call Clean Out, goes above and beyond in some incredible ways. This is a company that has a beautiful heart for service in world change and the end of suffering in as many ways as possible.

We appreciate all of their contributions and dedicated hours to serving in the hope for a cure. As a Philadelphia locally owned and run business, they are closely connected with the good people of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), who are on the cutting edge of working with infants and children that are struggling with Autism.

Every dollar counts in the work toward a cure. When One Call Clean Out takes a portion of their junk removal job proceeds, and not only impacts that planet positively with recycling, donation and upcycling processes, but then donates to a cure for autism, it can only end in a win-win all the way around.

We appreciate One Call Clean Out, and we love the impact you are having in the Philadelphia area, and around the world. If you are local to Philadelphia or Allentown and need junk removal services, please consider giving them a call instead of some of the national competitors that don’t do much with philanthropy. You can visit their website at